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Couples Workshop

Created for Connection

Hold Me Tight ® for Christian Couples

August 24-25, 2018 Friday night and Saturday

Lost some of that loving feeling?
Looking to get more connected?  Closer?
Want to stop the bickering & the same-old-arguments?
Trouble communicating?


Based on the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy)
books by Dr. Sue Johnson

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Join couples from all over the world who are already enjoying a more intimate and stronger connection!

This program will help you ignte your romantic fire by experiencing new ways of connecting  by applying the research-proven concepts of EFT – Emotionally Focused Therapy.

EFT is the most successful couple therapy model developed by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Numerous solid research studies substantiate EFT’s effectiveness.  These studies find that “70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements.” (Source)

The workshop is a safe and confidential environment with other couples. You won’t have to speak to a group – just to your partner.


Couples who have attended Hold Me Tight® have said:

“Hold Me Tight was a God-send, we’re so glad Dee recommended it. It gave us a road map and we’re back together after being apart six months!”

“We hadn’t been close for years, sleeping separately. This workshop helped us to reconnect – literally!”

“It would have been difficult to do the ‘conversations’ at home. The structure really helped and the counselors there to guide us was comforting.”

“We had coversations we never have had and finally could understand why we had gotten so stuck.  We got to the root of our problems and it really helped.”

Sponsored by

at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Baton Rouge

Led by 6 EFT-trained Professional Private Practice Therapists

Dee Adams, PhD, LPC, LMFT; Certified EFT Therapist (BR)
Patt Aptaker, PhD; Certified EFT Therapist (BR)
Michele Louviere, MDiv, LMFT; Cert EFT Therapist/Supvr (Metairie)
Carol Peirce, MA, LPC, BCBCC; Certified EFT Therapist (Lafeyette)

EFT-Trained and moving rapidly toward EFT Certification (all from BR):
Anne Hays, MA, LPC, NCC (BR)
Steve Fox, BChE, MA, LPC, NCC

Cost (if registered before August 10): $300/couple;
(After August 10):  $325/couple
includes 3 meals, snacks, & materials

Workshop Schedule:

First Presbyterian Church, 763 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA  70808
Map to location will be on registration pages

Friday, August 24th 6 pm–9:30 pm  (Dinner provided 5 pm-6 pm)
Saturday, August 25th 8 am-5 pm  (Light Breakfast 7 am-8 am)

The last Hold Me Tight ® in Baton Rouge could not fit all of the interested couples!



Call Dee Adams at
(225) 387-2287
or email her at

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THANKS:  First of all special thanks to Dr. Sue Johnson for her superb research and clear leadership of EFT!  Also gratitude goes out to EFT Supervisor and Trainer, Kenny Sanderfer, LMFT, co-author of Created for Connection; Alex Avila, LPC, from the Relationship Institute of the Rockies; and EFT Supervisor and Trainer, Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen, who all generously assisted in many ways to make Created for Connection happen in Louisiana.  Also EFT hugs to the Louisiana EFT community at large!