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What Pastors Say

“The Premarital Preparation Program, initiated by the downtown churches in 1997, is similar to programs in other cities that have actually driven down the divorce rate. This three-part program can have life-long benefits for couples in helping them build their marriage on solid Christian principles.”

First Presbyterian Church of BR


“The marriage preparation ministry of the downtown churches has enabled our church to offer a richer and more effective way to help persons at one of the most important moments in the life journey. At First United Methodist Church we believe it is a crucial part of our ministry to help persons begin their marriage journey with the best preparation available. The premarital preparation process is a wonderful way for us to fulfill this objective.”

First United Methodist Church


“Someone once stated that while Jesus Christ wants to be invited to your wedding, he also wants to be invited into your marriage. A couple who participates in the pre-marital counseling seminar with Baton Rouge Christian Counseling Center has a better perspective on how to begin a long marriage together and not just have a short wedding”.

First Baptist Church