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Program 1-2-3


1) Online Engagement Seminar
From the comfort of your own home, you can view the engagement seminar which covers such topics as:

  • Christian Marriage
  • Communications
  • Parenting, In-Laws and Finances
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexuality

2) Premarital Inventory
The PREPARE inventory is a highly regarded premarital tool that has helped more than a million couples start off on the right foot.

This 15-page, customized computer report is designed to show couples their strengths and “growth areas” in several critically important areas.

  • Marital Expectations
  • Roles/Personality Issues
  • Family and Friends
  • Parenting
  • Communication
  • Sexual Relationship
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Financial Management

3) Premarital Counseling
Finally, a discussion of the results of the PREPARE inventory, and other relevant issues, is held with a professional Christian counselor.

You may even request to have a summary of your inventory and the final session forwarded to the clergy person who will perform your wedding ceremony.

Most couples will spend more on their wedding cake than you’ll spend on the fun-and-fact filled Premarital Preparation Program. And your cake won’t last nearly as long as the insight gained by attending the Premarital Preparation Program!

Before you spend another dime on your wedding, make an investment in your marriage!

Don’t be a statistic… get the tools you need to make your wedding a one-time event.

Call 225.387.2287 and register today.

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