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Downtown Churches

Premarital Preparation Requirements
For Baton Rouge Downtown Participating Churches
(First Presbyterian, First United Methodist, First Baptist)

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
Couples who seriously participate in premarital instruction, counseling, and preparation will have a better understanding of what the marriage commitment involves. In other cities, similar programs have actually driven down the divorce rate! Baton Rouge Christian Counseling Center (BRCCC) joins with area churches in providing services for premarital preparation.

Five minimum expectations for you as a couple:
(clarify these with your clergy member performing the wedding)

_________ 1. CLERGY APPOINTMENT: At least one appointment with the clergy member performing the wedding;

_________ 2. THREE MONTH PREPARATION: A minimum of 3 months of preparation from the initial clergy meeting until the wedding date (except under unusual circumstances);

_________ 3. INVENTORY: The completion of a relational instrument, inventory, or test (such as “PREPARE”); one for the bride, one for the groom;

_________ BRCCC WILL CALL YOU after receiving your completed inventories to schedule a session with a professional Christian counselor to discuss the findings from your inventories;

_________ At least one session with a professional Christian counselor to discuss the findings from the inventory;

_________ 4. PREMARITAL INSTRUCTION: Participation by both bride and groom in an instructional course of joint preparation (such as the “Prepare Engagement Seminar”)

_________ 5. MARRIAGE COUNSELING: If problems arise in the marriage, be willing to seek marital counseling with a clergy member or a competent professional Christian counselor.