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When your first session was scheduled, you should have automatically received an email with intake forms attached.  If not, please select the appropriate form(s) below for your counselor, print them out, fill them out, and bring them to your first session.  If you can’t print them, come 30 minutes early for your first session.

TELETHERAPY:  If you are doing your first session via teletherapy – you must fill out the forms and get them to your counselor via faxing (225) 383-2722, dropping them by the office ahead of time, scanning & emailing (to:, or mailing them with adequate postage time to:  Your Counselor, BRCCC, 763 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA  70802.  Thank you !


NOTE:  For COUPLE counseling, EACH person needs to fill out their own set of forms


Adams, DeeDee Adams New Client Formsn/a
Bond, MelissaMelissa Bond New Client FormsMelissa Bond Child/Adolescent Intake Forms
Gilbert, JoelJoel Gilbert New Client FormsUse Adult
Husted, BrandonBrandon Husted New Client Forms
House, StacyStacy House New Adult Client FormsStacy House New Child Intake Forms
Kadair, SherrySherry Kadair New Client Formsn/a
McKowen, ErinErin McKowen New Client FormsUse Adult form
Overstreet, KerriKerri Overstreet New Client Forms
Use Adult form
Shows, HaleyHaley Shows New Client Forms

Other Forms:  If you need to have your counselor share information with someone else, you’ll need to print, complete, and sign this form (if you are a couple, both need to sign):

Authorization for Release/Exchange of Confidential Information Form

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